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Products People Want

You want to make a name for yourself in the marketplace, and Display Matrix Corporation of Randolph, New Jersey, helps you achieve your goal. Our experts help you provide potential customers with products they want and need. Contact us today and let our marketing consultants work with you to create a product design that is proprietary.


Concept to Final Unit

Our corporation focuses on inventing new, innovative, and useful products for all types of industries. Over a 30-year period, we have built a network of partners that allow us to customize services to suit your needs. With our guidance, you have the versatility to create a prototype of your own or request that we handle complete product design from concept to final unit delivery. Make us your choice for superior services, fast turnarounds, and complete confidentiality.


Our original ideas are strong candidates for patents. First, we search for a need and then develop a solution to the need. Next, we decide if a product meets the requirements for a patent. Our process begins with a feasibility study of the product, which we conduct by working together with contractors. This process is how we validate the product concept and assess its viability before moving forward.

Our Creative Process

The goal of our creative process is to create patentable, useable, and profitable products. Along with an engineering background, our creative team has experience working across a full range of industries. As such, we keep overhead down for both our enterprise and our clients' companies.